Madeira has the perfect combination of natural elements that produce the ideal setting to practice all sports throughout the year

A fantastic array of natural resources come together on the Island of Madeira, enabling you to enjoy a variety of sporting activities all year round.

Naturally there is a broader range of water sports where the most common activities are swimming, surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing, canoeing or water skiing.

However, with its mild climate and specific geographical formation, this island encourages not only the local population but also those who visit us, to participate in other outdoor activities, such as horse-riding, mountain biking, hand-gliding and paragliding, mountaineering or canyoning.

International and world sporting events take place on the island, such as World Championships of Surfing and Triathlon as well as the Rhythmic Gymnastics International Championship.

It is not by chance that world famous golfers participate every year in the Madeira Island Golf Open - PGA European Tour, or that many famous world drivers exhibit their spectacular skills to thrill the motor racing fans at the Madeira Wine Rally.


The best way to reach the interior of the island of Madeira and enjoy the splendour of its untamed landscape is to follow the footpaths.
The existence of an amazing network of footpaths and primitive man-made irrigation canals, known as "levadas", will enable the attentive visitor to encounter along the way the Laurissilva Forest of Madeira, an ancient forest classified by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

Rare species of flora and fauna exist alongside the 200 or so “levadas” which wind across the basaltic mass of the island. Amongst the bird life found here are the Long-toed Pigeon, Columba trocaz, Zino's Petrel or the Madeira Freira Petrel ,Pterodroma Madeira, the Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs madeirensis, and the Madeira Firecrest, Regulus ignicapillus madeirensis. As to the flora, the most characteristic are trees such as Til, Laurel or Brazilian mahogany, as well as unique species of bush, plants and moss.

Be prepared to discover a fabulous natural world during these unforgettable walks, the majority of which are accessible to everyone, although there are various levels of difficulty. It is advisable to consult tour operators and the special publications on this topic, as well as to use appropriate equipment.

If you are genuinely interested in going on one of these walks, we recommend that you contact one of the Travel Agencies or a Tourist Entertainment Firm, which organises Walk Programmes with mountain guides to accompany walkers.

May we remind you that you should never do the walks alone and you should always take drinking water, a snack, a flashlight, wear appropriate footwear and be warmly dressed.

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